CTPT Metering Sets & Cubicles

We are a leading Supplier & Manufacturer of CTPT Metering Sets & Cubicles such as CTPT Metering Units Outdoor Oil Cooled and CTPT Metering Cubical from India.

CTPT Metering Units Outdoor Oil Cooled

11 / 22 / 33 kV CTPT Metering Units Outdoor,
Oil Cooled

Oil cooled, out door type C.T.P.T. Metering sets are made for use on 11kv to 33 kV systems & are suitable for mounting on structures. 

Basically set consists of:

  • CRGO Cores
  • HV & LV Windings
  • MS tank with secondary terminal box
  • Bushings
  • Transformer oil

One CTPT set has 2 or 3 C.T.s & 1 three phase P.T.

Special Features :

A Pressure release device is provided on the top cover of the tank which operates in case of abnormal internal pressure development due to abnormal operating conditions.
The set is much more compact compared to the C.T. P.T. sets of other makes

Applications :

The CTPT Metering sets of this type as the name suggests are used for measurement of power on High voltage side. The C.T.P.T sets are installed before the main transformer & the main line goes through C.T.P.T sets to the main transformer. Metering equipment is connected to the secondary side of the C.T.P.T sets. As the accuracy of the C.T.P.T. set is high & it is connected before the transformer, measurement of power is much more accurate compared to the metering done on L.T side. The transformer losses are also included in the measurement.

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CTPT Metering Cubical

11/22/33 KV CTPT Metering Cubical
We offer a wide gamut of H.T. metering cubical that are manufactured using qualitative raw material. These are extensively used for outdoor / indoor metering in diverse industries. We also have the ability to offer custom make products as specified by the clients.
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